Monday, 26 March 2012

What a busy week at the shop....

Dear All
I just wanted to say hi and also to keep you up to date with all our news of late here at 158 a Columbia Rd.
As you will know I was away for a bit this month so I have really enjoyed my last week getting stuck back in to being a shop owner and all the Joys it brings to me...
I have met so many delightful people this weekend and had many interesting conversation around the little table while I have been running my workshops.
I had one workshop last Saturday and also one this Saturday so its been very creative and productive at the shop and thanks to all who attended!You may see yourself in between the photos below.

We had such amazing weather this Saturday so that was an extra treat.....We have our spring window in and I finally started back working on this chair that I have been trying to finish for so long I have decided to leave the wood and underneath showing so I can remember how I made it. I started it about two years ago in a workshop at Hackney City Farm. I am now going to embroider around the seat I am just trying to find/work out the perfect text for it.

We have some gorgeous little painted Eggs in the window that Buddug just picked up in Germany they are so delicately painted with such detail.... I am also painting two goose eggs this week for The art shop in Abergavenni for there spring window they ask there artists each year to pain them and they posted the eggs to me this weeks its very exciting when they arrive all cosy in the box.
I will post a picture when I have completed them.

Also I visited the Country Living Fair on Wed Evening and I found my self leaving with two very nice little pale enamel buckets one duck egg blue and one brown. They are looking very sweet in the shop now full to the brim with cards and cottons.

This week I am having a good full week in my studio I need to do a bit of a clean there and sort out tomorrow and then I am making a start on some cushions and also some little lamp shades all very floral and some will have these little sea shells stitched on that I collected last time I was in Wales.
I have made a new hanging device for my lamp shades in the shop which I am very proud of so I need to finish the shades this week so I can hand them up ready for the weekend.

I am also waiting for my sample to come back from the printers for my new paper sewing set that I have designed I really cant wait to see it printed up I have used some paper from the inside of an amazing old french post card album so I think it will look gorgeous printed.
Also I have started to put together a little booklet about the shop some images and information on us and it will also include a hand illustrated map that our lovely Emma lewis who works for us drew a while back.
I will reveal all once the book is finished and hopefully this will not be to long

Ok I must go and finish painting my coat hangers that i am making for the shop as I have run out of really nice old ones so I am painting up some newish wooden ones.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy these long spring evenings we are starting to have

Enjoy the photos


Books being started on Saturday

A lovely Journal being made from an old Dickens novel the cover was just perfect!

Yes we have new shop tape its gorgeous if you wish to
purchase you can they are just £4.00 per roll we mainly use it in the shop and on mail orders

A lovely customers to the workshops on Saturday kindly gave me these amazing bobbins of silk thread.....Thank you so much Nurit they are very useful and lovely to see you on Sunday to at the shop.

Buckets from the country living fair

To finish our weekend we had two friends to play live at the shop


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  2. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures, I was so dissapointed I can't make it to your workshop at hope and elvis, I'm away on holiday then but I'll get down to visit your lovely shop in the summer. Do you have any easter cards or gifts available to buy? thanks Lucey xx