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Current 2012 Workshop dates....

Embroidery Collage and Applique Workshops with Jessie Chorley at 158 a Columbia Rd

London E2 7RG

"Suitable for all abilities my workshops require no technical skills Just a love for making and learning new techniques”

You can book a private workshop with Jessie at her shop for £85.00 for a full day 11.30-4.30 including lunch or join a small group at the dates below.

All of the below workshop can also be carried out at your own home or any other chosen venue if you are planning a special event, birthday or hen party. Please ask us, as a group discount will apply to groups of 4 or more


To book any of the below workshops or if you have an other queries please contact Jessie directly on 077-08921550 / you can also book online via Pay Pall at the link below but please note I am having some technical problems with updating the booking page on my web site it is working fine regarding bookings but it looks a bit odd with some text missing I hope it will be sorted soon!

Embroidered Memory books and pages

Create a narrative based story and memory book using layers of chosen fabrics paper and found items of interest. You will be provided at the start of the day with a little bag of simple fabrics to create your own book. We will explore simple techniques of hand embroidery collage and appliqué and you will leave the class with a small hand made book with individual pages.

Thursday June 28th 2012

Saturday July 28th 2012



Memory Boxes
Create your very own memory shrine and keep sake box. You will be provided with a simple box with a glass front at the start of the workshops and through the course of the day you will create your very own story within. Using simple hand embroidery and collage you will leave the workshop with your very own memory box to be placed on your chosen wall

Saturday May 5th 2012



Altered Objects
A Rather Fun workshop day ware you can really get stuck in to the making of one item or equally have a go at a few different techniques. You will be able to learn how to create one of Jessie’s signature designs the Altered Journal or re-vamp and re create a loved piece of your own worn clothing or create a hand embroidered corsage flower

Saturday June 2nd 2012

Saturday August 25th 2012



Have yourself a Hand cut hand printed and hand tied Christmas

Join Jessie on the run up to Christmas 2012 to create beautiful and unique hand made Christmas cards and decorations. You will be given the opportunity to work in a very hands on way to create beautiful yet simple items that will make your home made Christmas complete. Using simple potato print Or with paper card and paper machet create hand cut decoration that are the perfect stocking filler for both the family and friends. Cards will be made using simple printing techniques , paper machet and hand embroidery.
Saturday November the 10th 2012

Workshop Gift Vouchers

£65.50 to join a group workshop for the day (lunch not included)

£85.00 for a private workshop for the day (lunch included)

Why not treat someone special to this gift voucher that entitles the receiver to a one day x 5 hour workshop with Jessie at Her Shop at 158 A Columbia Rd London.

Once you have bough this voucher the participant will be provided with further information and a choice of x 3 workshop types to choose from ie Altered objects, Embroidered memory and story books or Memory boxes.

They will also be able to choose a date that suites them best and please note all Workshops are held on a Thursday or Saturday but exceptions can always be made.

Below some images memories and words

from previous workshops

I was drawn to joining one of Jessie's workshops by her outstandingly original work which I found mesmerising. I love her use of words and phrases within each piece and her ethics about reusing items from the past and giving them a modern twist. During the workshop I was surrounded by lots of inspiration and all I learnt has influenced and helped my work in a very positive way.
Mandy McCauley

I love Jessie's work. She's incredibly creative and I love her unique style of stitching and her ability to turn odds and ends and bits and bobs into something magical. I loved taking her embroidered storybook class. I took a trip to Amsterdam and wanted something to remember it by, and Jessie helped me come up with an idea for my storybook and helped guide me to bring the idea to life, and now it's one of my favorite things I've ever made that I'll cherish always.
Leigh Metcalf

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