Friday, 9 March 2012

I've Dusted The Farmyard....Julie Arkell in Liverpool

I Have just been lucky enough to spend the evening with a dear Friend of mine and a fellow maker Julie Arkell at the opening of her current show at the Blue coat display center in the heart of Liverpool
Saturday 10th March - Saturday 5th May

A rare solo exhibition by the UK's best recognised contemporary folk artists working in papier mache and mixed media. She combines stitch, knit, ephemera, vintage fabric and papier mache in her own distinctly personal and sophisticated way. Everything is produced by hand using knitted adornments, curious accessories, ribbons and found objects. The results are magically appealing and unique.

"I love to make things with materials that have ‘seen life'; embroidering words and stories onto old cloth, stitching into books and paper, repairing, darning, making dolls, toys, jewellery and objects of eccentricity."

I do suggest that you should find time to take a trip to visit this wonderful show as its rare to see all of Julies work in one place and it really is very magical on Julies little farm

Enjoy the photos and I will be back at my shop this weekend so I will keep you up to date with all the news there.

plus I have my first workshop at the shop this year on Saturday March 17th I am looking forward to this spring book making workshop

I am so excited about spring and Summer arriving and all those lovely long evening

Look forward to seeing you at the shop soon and a big thank you to Buddug who has been looking after the shop of late why I have been on my travels

Best Wishes




  1. all so unique and gentle and beautifully crafted. How about that poorly donkey? So happy you posted these, such inspriation from an amazing artist.

  2. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous photographs, I love JA's work and would so love to go! Beautiful!
    Sally x

  3. How wonderful! gorgeous, gorgeous pieces - all beautifully crafted, her fabric combinations and colour choices are always so "right"! Happy weekend Jessie,

    Love Sarah -x-

  4. I found your lovely work on Pinterest. Just love your aesthetic and art work. If I ever come to your spot on the map I would be thrilled to see your shop!

  5. Thanks Lady's thanks for all your lovely comments.....I am just listening to Womens hour about back here in Hackney it is a live special from Liverpool (Women in Business) is anybody listening? its incredibly interesting and incredible inspiring you can catch up on the Radio 4 listen again.....I am doing some drawing today for my new set of sewing sets that I am making I will reveal all soon....Busy week I am putting in a new spring window at the shop Thursday so I will post Thursday Eve to reveal all
    Have a lovely week Ladys Jessiexxxxxxxxxx

  6. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures of Julie's work, I'd love to go to the exhibition and as Steve is a scuoser I might just persuade him we need a trip to Liverpool quite soon, Lucey xx

  7. Thanks for sharing all these images..just found your blog and have subscribed. I too live and work as an artrist in Putney....will visit your shop soon.x lynda

  8. What lovely photos Jessie. I do so love Julies work. I got an invite but I had to work that day. I hope to get up there to see the exhibition soon. I loved my Mothers day journal. I will treasure it. xxx