Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Casa Do Um Verdadeiro Artista....

Oi Pessoal

Here are some photos that I wanted to share with you of a very special placed that I discovered this morning while our walking.

I am currently spending some time in South East Brazil in a small town called Itapetininga ware the family of my Partner live and ware he grew up.
We are staying here in town for a few days with the family before we travel North East to a little Island for a few days to visit the beach and we are planing on taking some long walks accross the island and through some more interesting neighbourhoods.....
I have been here before but it is always an eye opening experience and the drive there is very interesting to

Anyhow I am very inspired by all the houses (Casas)here they are pretty amazing with little fences and hand made things everyware but non as amazing as this one who is the home of Picasso the sanfoneiro as he likes to call himself! he was very pleased to invite me in to his home and explained that it has taken him 26 years to collect all the items and to create this house....his only problem is that he is running out of room to add anymore....He comes out appologising to us many times saying he was busy tinkering with some things in the back yard and as we asked him are you the artist he replies YES THANK GOD.

Enjoy the Photos and I think J@B The shop may have some bits added to its exterior on my return



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