Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas day out!

The J and B the shop team went on a day out today around london!
we started off at the 'welcome gallery' on euston rd.
but because it was monday the gallery was closed! but we had a look through the window and in the book and it looks amazing!
then we went on the bus to the posh primrose hill!
we went for a cup cake and tea at the primrose bakery.....
then we had a wonder around and walked past the zoo, while walking through regents park and then found a lovely warm pub to have a drink and some food. After 6 the pub was full of business people getting ready for their posh christmas do's so we left. and me and jess joined the people at space studios in hackney wick. Sam wingate was having a get together in his studio, it was lovely we chatted with everyone for a while and then decided to jump on the bus home! we were soaked!
Back to making for the shop now!

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  1. Merry christmas girls, hope your stockings are full to the brim!! Lucey x