Monday, 28 November 2011

One night in Paris contines.....

Well here I am finally to share my Photos from Paris with you sorry for the wait things have been busy I am having to move from my studio suddenly so I have found a new one but as you can imagine I have quite a collection of things to pack so I have been busy sorting things out especially all my fabric collection so I am storing lots of it for now and we are going to have a little studio sale at the shop early next year to celebrate our 2nd year at 158 A Columbia rd
Anyhow I saw this lovely little studio work bench within a little shop in Paris and found it very inspiring it was so tidy unlike my studio so I am planning on building myself a new well organised work bench in my new studio just after Christmas! I will keep you posted...

Anyhow enjoy our pictures and thank you to everyone who turned out last night for our First Christmas Wed late night Shopping evening it really was a great evening and there is still 3 to go so do pop down and say hi soon or at the weekend we will both be there on Sunday


Although a little little dark I hope you can see how special this shop was I was so scared to knock something over as it was very expensive and very beautiful little objects and collections balanced everyware I loved there collection of 50 fabric samples yum yum yum

Such a fun little shop so so so many things in it from old cards to childrens games and sewing bits and bobs......

Merci! yes we spend the afternoon visit many shop and this one in particular is very nice Its called Merci and it is a concept store situated at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris
It sells many labels and has a good lighting section so I bought my brother a rather nice lamp for Christmas and buddy also bought some lovely little wine glasses.

Our Bedroom walls had lovely framed papers and old letters on the walls it was almost like being in our shop!

Our Hotel was amazing literally all the walls were covered in beautiful floral silk and also so was the interior of the lift with little gold mirrors it was such a treat just to go up the 4 floors to out cosy little bedroom which we did enjoy very much
Such beautiful lettering and the gold and worn paint all the shops fronts are naturally very well kept but with such a particular french style....I think 158 A Columbia Rd May get a lick of pain in 2012 parhaps with a little gold someware!
Planning our visit......
Miss Buddug at Gare Du Norde
Fish at the local Street Market
I just loved the wooden boxes they were in and it was all so well presented with such pride
Al the lovely sweet treats in the pretty gold and green windows

We are back from Paris!!! We had a lovely break, exploring the little shops, markets, galleries and cafes...

Here some picture and places we visited....

a lovely wooden door...
jess waiting for the metro...
a shop on rue saint-paul...
a lovely painting in a cafe toilet!

the most beautiful cups in paris!

i know its cruel but i really like the deer heads....
jess admiring the embroidered flag...
me outside the loviest shop in Paris, maybe not the most delightfulness of owners...
I'm sure jess will add some pictures that she took too...xxxx


  1. Funny - l'Objet qui Parle is one of my favourite shops in Paris, but the owner scares me! Doesn't keep me away though! Looks like such a nice shopping day you two had.

  2. I had the most amazing time in your wonderful little shop full to the rafters of treasure at the weekend, it was lovely to meet you both and thankfully I managed to geta all my goodies home in one piece, Lucey x

  3. Hullo! me and my sister came to visit your shop over the weekend as we were visiting our other sister in Hackney, and knew of ur shop down Columbia Rd after having followed ur blog from discovering ur shop in Oh Comely! We wanted to say hello but you were extremely busy (twas a sunday flower market day after all...) so we left with a few things, and utterly loved your shop! <3
    We wrote about our weekend on our most recent post, where you feature, take a peek:
    Nina x x x

  4. oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh..darling is that the shop..the shop of beautiful things...your taking me there one day when i came to visit...

  5. How beautiful I feel like I have just popped over to Paris, without any of the hassle ha ha..
    Glad you had a lovely time, it is really nice to have a small break away from everything sometimes and get inspired.
    Hugs Lynn xx
    My Christmas cards that I bought from your online shop are totally gorgeous thank you so much xx

  6. yeah you were in my favorite stores in paris ;) I love to google now and then on MERCI just to see some pictures ;)

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