Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year from Wales...

A word from Buddug

Me and jessie are with our families at the moment! Enjoying the welsh countryside, which is very peaceful and quite!

I'm also helping my sister prepare for her wedding(which will be this summer), making invites, candles and my mother is making the wedding dress and bridesmaid dress(which will be in liberty print)
I'll update picture soon....

B x
This is also a little note to remind everyone that we will re-open the shop on the weekend of the

14th January 2012 at 12noon

And a little word from Jessie
With some images of what I have been up to in Tan-Yr-Ally Cottages over the festive season

So I arrived on Thursday 22nd Dec and by 4pm I was tucked up at home with the dogs and the family and we had a wonderful Christmas time.

I have been busy for the last few days here enjoying the space and peace to be creative I have been working on a commission which I was asked to do just before I left London and has to be posted on Tuesday to Tokyo as part of a project me and Buddug are working on over there we are having a little pop up shop starting on Jan 21st, no sadly we are not going over ourselves this time but do have plans to go later in the year fingers crossed

I got so many lovely presents for Christmas but I think my most exciting one was from Buddug she had drawn me this gorgeous card and inside was a very special outing invite for me to spend the day at a Circus school which is actually close to our shop in Old St in London I have wanted to go for so long and I really cant wait to have a go at the high wire ahahahahah so excited thanks a million Buddy. Buddug also gave me the lovely old French victorian cut outs for my card making so you can expect to see them featured in the shop in 2012 pasted on things.

We have one of Buddug's gorgeous plates on our
front door here in Wales with the address on we just love it against the misty mountain light and it goes perfectly against the grey slate color my Mum chose to pain the wood work on our house
Mount Snowdon in the distance slightly covered in mist so you can only just see it my brother ran to the top and back on Christmas Eve! I stayed at home and cuddled the dogs and wrapped presents.

I have been using my Mums back garden and all her nice old pots plus some of the Vegetables from the local farm as props to take some photos of my Cookery illustrated cards and paper its been so mild here although a little misty rain today so lovely to be out in the garden.
Bits and Bobs hanging in our Bathroom we always pin our in use brooches and other bits on the Peg bag in the bathroom I think there is a Julie Arkell Bunny on there two keeping the Christmas Angel company.

My Mum made me some beautiful stitched brooches and a wonderfull little black apron which was all housed in this amazing Penelope old darning box. I have plans to use the box in the shop as part of a window display and of course I will be wearing the Apron back in the shop alongside Buddug as I made her a special Apron for Christmas as well!
This is a little old wool waistcoat which I have been trying to finish for a while so over Christmas it has been completed and hangs proud now ready to go to the shop in the New year. It was so lovely to sew on the thin wool and the patches are from some little fabrics that my Mum gave me for Christmas actually they were in my Stocking I love useful gifts so inspiring .
The Beautiful Penelope darning Box from Mum plus yes I have been sewing on a few Journal fronts as I got given a whole pile of old books from a lovely couple who run the farm ware we get the Vegetables from and these Journals will be available online next week ish keep an eye out if you need a new Journal or diary for 2012........
The Red curtains and Blanket bunting are part of a sign which will read
This is part of the commission for our Pop up shop in Tokyo I believe it will hang over the door of the shop ware mine and Buddugs work will be housed.
Of course we will keep you updated with images when the time comes.

I love the moss and ivy in my Mums back garden it is so green and full of life this year not like last year when it was covered in thick white snow. We also always put any kitchen items that have broken out in the Rocks in the garden so there are many memories little bits of broken tea cups and here a top of an old tea pot.

The wreath on our front door with one of my paper horses and dried flowers from my Mums garden they are the most amazing color and just what you need at this time of the year to brighten everything up

Rosie the Welsh Mountain Pony she is not so used to being ridden these days so she enjoys eating in the field outside my house most of the time with her friends

Mr Mouse himself this is my little whippet who now lives here in Wales I am sure some of you met him when he lived in London with us but he grew rather big and bouncy so prefers a country life now its so much more relaxing here.

Ok thats all for now for your update from us in Wales we look forward to seeing you all in the new year we have plenty of plans for the shop plus new workshops now booking please visit my web site for further info
We will also have plenty of new items coming on our online shop so keep an eye out there to

As Buddug said we will re- open on Saturday January 14th 2012 at 12noon-4.30

See you then



  1. Hope you both had a lovely christmas with your families and best wishes for the new year, lucey x

  2. Thank you both so much for sharing some of your lovely Christmas...looks like you had a wonderful time, but then there is nowhere quite like home is there.
    Happy New Year may all your dreams come true xxx
    Lynn x

  3. Oh you are lucky having a mummy that sews such wonderful things, I love your brooch. I'm a big fan of Julie Arkell you have one of her bunnies on your peg bag, what does it say on her dress? Lucey x