Wednesday, 19 October 2011

J & B do DIY

As jess said, we are re-decorating the front bit of the shop, we have decided to cover the right wall with various different wooden boxes/frames. We have decided on the colour 'mushroom' so they all match, the colour looks just like a very expensive vanilla ice cream. We thought after time we both can personalise each box to suit the different things we put in them.
we made a shelf under the boxes out of old wooden doors that we used for a show once, that were stored in the toilet, jess got the bright idea to use them and they fit perfectly! I love the old hinges on them, we are not sure if we should paint them or not yet....
things ready to be placed......
jess finished this linen vintage embroidered shirt,(which she started on her travellers to France) while we were waiting for a delivery....
More updates coming soon.....


  1. It all looks very exciting. Hoping to get down to London again before Christmas. I love the door. :) x

  2. How innovative utilising the door and I like the mix of boxes too
    I am so looking forward to seeing your new look....lots of work for you both but it will look fabulous.
    Hugs Lynn