Monday, 17 October 2011

What a lovely weekend at 158 a Columbia Rd.....

What a lovely weekend I had in the little shop I spent Saturday sewing on my new patchwork bags that I have made just finishing them of and of the Thursday I had put in a new shop window I hung up some old vintage sheets with a chunk of lace on the border which framed the window nicely ......Sunday I started my day cycling from my home through London field park and the lovely Broadway market I love this time of year as all the leaves are falling from the tress and they are this lovely golden color plus they make a great sound when cycling over them on your bicycle.... It was lovely to meet all you lovely and jolly customers on Sunday and here are some images of how we had the shop this weekend and some new products I believe some ware in there.

Me and Buddug have a very busy week starting from tomorrow and we are re designing and creating the area ware we currently display the jewellery and journals so us girls will be very busy with the DIY we are going tomorrow to choose the paint colour its all very exciting and we will keep you posted!
so do pop by next weekend to see the finished result

Until then enjoy this lovely sunny day if you are having it


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  1. visited your shop when in UK recently - LOVED it! wish I was there to visit your new set up and shop for christmas!

    K (Australia)