Friday, 28 October 2011

The shop-the new look!

After all the hard work last week, we've put all the work back and were quite pleased with the box diaplay, there's a little bit more room for all the little bits.Were always knew it's never going to be clean lines and white! it will probably evolve in next weeks to have little doors and some boxes in different colours etc....
here's a few snapshots i took today....

don't forget to come and see jess in the (new look) shop on saturday (12-4.30) and sunday(9-4.30)
I'm(buddug) off to coventry and doing my last minute making for an exhibition i'm in...details to follow....

have a lovely weekend whatever you get up too
B xxxx


  1. This looks just wonderful, you have worked so hard. I just wish I lived in London so I could come to your shop

  2. maybe,one day you might pay us a visit, have a lovely

  3. BELLISSIMO, fantastic, when I go back to London I will come to your new shop, that was really nice also before.
    ciao ciao linda

  4. Looking perfect! A wall full of curios and lovelyness - can't wait to see it in the flesh!

    Sarah x

  5. I realy can't wait to visit the shop now after seeing all those gorgeous goodies on display. Love the little prams they're so cute, Lucey x

  6. Whoop Whoop... shop looks fab... with all that delightful paper to rummage around... up ya feet up think you deserve it... :o)

  7. So fabulous it looks even better than before...can't wait to see it.
    Lynn xx