Monday, 2 July 2012

A weekend on Columbia rd...

The beginning of another week and a very rainy day here in London so far!
So I just thought that i would post some images of the weekend I had a lovely time in the shop meeting lots of new faces and thank you so much for the lovely bunch of flowers that lovely Lynn from Sea Angels gave me first thing Sunday morning. Thanks so they really cheered up the shop and they were my favorite dusky purple sweet peas how pretty.
I even got a chance to walk around Columbia road a bit after lunch as Emma was taking care of the shop for me.The area was as busy as usual with so many interesting people and lovely dogs
Enjoy the photos and have a great week all



  1. Hi Jessie it was lovely to see you xxx
    The shop looked amazing I am always bowled over by your creativity, and the amazingly beautiful things that you make...its got me all excited and looking forward to coming to your workshop in the Autumn...lets hope the weather has improved by then ha ha
    Hugs Lynn xx

  2. Lynn
    Yes it was lovely to see you I carefully wrapped the flowers back in the brown paper and took them home with me they are in a nice glass bottle in my Bathroom.....I am getting excited about making some little bags now to so I will collect together all my inspirational pieces for the workshop later this year it will be a fun day of making

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend


  3. Jessie I would like to be there with you.
    ciao ciao Linda