Thursday, 12 July 2012

A few days in Wales with my camera

 Dear All
Will this rain ever stop!
I am up in North Wales at my Mums just until tomorrow(Friday) when I will return to London to Open the shop on Saturday and Sunday
Yes we have had a lot of rain here but also a little sun today but again rain tonight and I had heard its raining in London to......Anyway I have been helping my Mum decorating the house and she has just installed a new wood burning stove so we have been very excited about this and have been very warm these last few days as you will see our little Dog Mr Mouse has also been very much appreciating  the new warmth spending a lot of time cuddled up in the arm chair by the stove.

I have been ask to create some more designs for greeting cards for Roger La Borde so I have been busy here the last few days creating little props and scenes and taking lots of photos  in and around my Mums house. There is lots still to do over the next month but it was good to make a start on the project the cards will be out later this year so I will keep you updated

Have a lovely weekend all


  1. What a lovely creative restful busy break you must have had.....I love being with my mom too. x
    How super new cards to look forward to, I love my wrapping paper that I bought in London from you.
    Have a lovely time xxx

  2. Mr Mouse looks very comfy indeed. :) Look forward to seeing your new

  3. Thanks Ladies!
    Also exciting news me and my Mum are going to be running a workshop in North Wales in Oct I am just waiting for the venue to confirm everything and then I will post all the info on the blog...cant wait myself its going to be really special and the venue is so lovely to with lunch included and a little talk from my Mum...will keep you all posted
    Have a great weekend now

  4. That sounds so exciting, a bit nearer for me than London, best get saving up! Vickie xXx