Monday, 18 June 2012

busy busy bees

 i did a show in earls court last week, i worked extra hard to make all the pieces and managed to make a lot of new things, which i was very pleased with. here's the display.

 After a long 3 days of talking to many lovely people, i went to the amazing 'Troubadour' for a treat, which is on Brompton Road in west London. I rarely go here because its quite a journey from East London, but if i lived in west london i would be here drinking coffee everyday! They have amazing objects hanging from the ceiling and little cupboards with little objects in. Worth a visit if in London.
They serve quite meaty french food which was lovely! I felt as if i was on holiday!Here's a link to the history
here's two images i took, i only had my phone camera, so they are not amazing.....



  1. Looking forward to having a good browse at all your lovely things when I come down in August for the summer tea party, my train ticket is booked!! Lucey x

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  3. Oh it looks great! Youre obviously very talented xxxx