Wednesday, 22 August 2012

After the Summer partyxxx

 Thanks again to everyone who came to our Summer shop party on Saturday
We all had a fantastic day.......the sun really did shine on Columbia rd it was perfect weather for a summer tea party!!!
As you will see we had many many delicious cakes thanks to everyone who made them they were incredibly yummy.
Our Summer window mas made up of six little wooden houses each one containing different items of our work and one had work created by three lovely ladies during one of my Embroidery workshops last year. 
so a big thank you to Lynne from Sea Angels, Leigh from Found new home and Daisy Moon such gorgeous work from all thanks girls for letting me borrow it.
The window will be staying up for the next two weekends so do pop down if you wish to catch it as it really is very pretty.

So we all spend the day eating far to much cake and drinking so much tea we then moved on to a little Bubbly late afternoon as it was also Buddug's birthday last week so we took this time to celebrate as well!!!

Back in the studio today making some wedding guest books as yes it is the season.

I just wanted to take this time also to write to all of you who have asked for a copy of Little Things magazine I am really sorry but I gave had to give up on the idea of shipping them over its just so complicated and so expensive so for now I am sorry for that but I hope in the future they will start to import the magazine as it is so special.

Also this Sunday the 26th Aug we are featured in U magazine a free supplement that comes with the Daily Mail newspaper so do pop out and get your copy not to be missed lots of lovely photos and an interview with myself ahahah quite exciting!

Ok must make a cup of tea now and start with my bookmaking

Have a lovely week everyone



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time xxxthanks for sharing xx

  2. I had a wonderful time on Saturday mooching around your lovely shop, eating cakes and drinking tea, thanks ever so much. I love my brooch to bits and can't wait until November when I'll see you at the fair. Lucey xx

  3. Thanks Girls for your messages!!!
    It was so nice to see you Lucey and I loved your outfit for the day gorgeous shoes as well...Wow it was so hot though we were very lucky with the weather....
    Yes I will see you at Selvedge fair November the 10th Chelsea town hall....must get stitching...

    Also I have just put up some of my new brooches on the online shop