Monday, 9 April 2012


While jessie has been managing the shop, i've been travelling. To New Zealand and America in fact. I'd like to share a few pictures i took. Things i found interesting and inspiring.
It may sound strange but i fell in love with the sheds letterboxes in New Zealand. Here are some,
I've started drawing them and i think I'm going to do some models too!
I saw some beautiful paintings in the Auckland Art Gallery, this place was great, a very good day out if ever in Auckland!Here are my favourite paintings....
We went to the beach and stayed in this really 70s style house. Everyone else hated it i secretly loved it.
On the way back we visited LA, here's some things i saw....
Went to a great exhibition in the LACMA in LA- it was an exhibition of woman's surrealist artists from mexico and north america, it had loads of Frida Kahlo's work in which was a treat to see!
Right, back to work now!

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