Saturday, 21 January 2012

New Painted Shop Front!

Last Thursday after lunch we decided on a whim to paint our shop. Jessie found some gold paint in the cupboard and started painting our front door....
this is the door without all the decorations....then we thought the pink doesn't really go with the gold so we painted the surrounding chocolate brown...which makes the shop really posh we thought!here's jessie doing the gold around the window...
me (buddug) doing the chocolate brown, the texture and colour of the paint was so like the chocolate syrup stuff you put on ice cream!

Jessie on the ladder painting the 'chocolate brownies' as she called the little squares on the top of the shop. So many people commented on jessie going on the ladder, i don't think they'd ever seen a girl on a ladder before!
It got quite dark in the day for us to photograph the shop front properly, when we finished. We also got little weird glances because it was actually dark when we finished. We just need to do one more gold coat round the window and we'll take some nice pictures of the result!

Happy Saturday!


  1. The shop looks scrummy, I love the gold and brown and the beautiful linens in the window. Wish I lived near enough to visit.

  2. Looks lovely. I like the window display too. xxx

  3. It looks beautiful!. Congratulations for the great job you did on the shop

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  4. oooh I love always has a magical feel..I love those weavers houses round Spittle-fields with the dark shutters and worn exteriors they have such a cosy look, can't wait to see it xxxx

  5. the shop looks day i shall come to visit..

  6. Great work, your shopfront is looking amazing, I love your net curtains! Do you keep the metal railing across your windows all the time?