Friday, 7 October 2011

In The News This week....

Jessie Chorley
In O comely Magazine October 2011
Have any of you seen this magazine its a pretty new publication which I was featured in this month and its really beautifully laid out lovely illustrations and features plus delightful photography keep an eye out next time you are in WH Smiths.


  1. This beautiful magazine article was how I found you and your lovely 'stuff'!!

  2. I love O Comely ! I'm so pleased you guys are featured in it, well done. Hope you're well !

  3. I saw this article, and sent oh comely an email, as it told me to, because I want to start sewing my own poetry books, like tatty Coraline books, and learn to embroider pretty whimsy things around the poems. I wanted to hang out with u on a workshop and learn some skills; but, alas, I haven't heard from oh comely as of yet :(
    But I hope to visit ur shop soon! x x x