Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tea in the city....

Hello everyone and may I say and big thank you!
Yes a big thank you to everyone who visited and supported us at our Tea Party last Saturday August 13th 2011
Also a special thank you to my Dad Peter who built our dolls house it is fantastic and has very much been admired by all so thank you Dad!
Also I think there is a chance it may come back for Christmas with the little lights on and a tree in the hall! oh I cant wait

We had such a nice day seeing everyone and eating plenty of cake so below yes a little later than planned are some pictures of the event from a friend and fellow maker Leigh and thank you Leigh for the photos much appreciated.
I have been really busy since last Saturday at the studio and today I ran my Cut story book workshop at the shop which was such a nice day and lovely to work with such inspiring people we made an assortment of things from cut books to wall pieces.

I am of to wales tomorrow for a family tea party and some much needed walking in the welsh heather hills and also of course some serious charity shopping oh yes I cant wait

So I will see you soon after my little Welsh break and obviously the shop is open as usual with lovely Amy standing in for us this Sun so do pop down and see the Dolls house if you have not already



  1. I love that picture of the boat with embroidered sails on old fabric, very charming.
    The dolls house will look lovely at christmas time with it's tree and lights, I'm coming down to London in November so I might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse, Lucey x

  2. Rosie and I really enjoyed our visit to the shop. The dolls house was so lovely I have bought a vintage one this week from Derbyshire. Have a lovely holiday. xx

  3. Jessie, I'm glad you like the pictures! I went by the shop and picked up the little wood house. Sorry I missed you but I hope you had a nice weekend away.

  4. The dolls house looks lovely hope it does return for christmas would love to see it when I come to do your christmas workshop!! Very excited! Vickie xx