Saturday, 25 June 2011

Good morning all!
here are just a few pictures from my week yes as Buddug said I did a new shop window last
week and this week I have been finishing bits for the shop but my most exciting news is that I have a delivery of my newly designed gift wrap I have been working away on it for the last two months so its incredibly exciting to finally get it in to the you can see I have also covered one wall in it.....and you can expect more I have a range of greeting cards coming out soon as well

Me and Buddug are busy as we have decided that it is time to bring J&B The Shop to you at home well just a little bit we still want to keep the Columbia Rd shop the main place to visit but we will soon have a little online shop so you can buy some of our makings online.....but please be sure to still come and visit us at 158 a Columbia Rd....

Must rush as I am of the Clapham Common to run A workshop for 8 Hens!!!!

I am going to Blog later as I need to show you the state of my studio it is currently like a library so full of books I am working on a big commission and will reveal all soon

Until then enjoy the weekend and do pop by Sunday me and Buddug will both be at the shop plus I made a new apron so looking forward to wearing that


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  1. So excited to hear about your online shop! Can't wait to buy some goodies. X