Monday, 16 May 2011

while jess is in brazil....

ive (buddug) been making illustrations on tiles, like this one,(sorry can't make the picture lie sideways!) of a very grand fish...

ive made an enamel love spoon on a plate, (ive also made a knife and fork plate too), I'm making 24 plates for anthropologie gallery in new york! these will be amongst them.

i always love looking at louise bourgeois work, my friend had a big book about her work, so looked through that this week,i really like her glass work....

i've been reading alot too, the bell jar is a must read, very dark story but so inspirational for my work, i've used some of the text and little story about the fig tree on my enamel plates, which i'll be sending to new york!

Im in the middle of reading too, this welsh book called 'Un noson ola leuad'-translates 'one moonlit night' i love this 1960s cover.It's about a man looking back at his life as a child growing up in a slate mining village in North Wales, near the area in North Wales were i'm from. It's such a beautiful (and dark) book which makes me cry one minute and laugh the next. When the author wrote this book he lived in london working on the daily telegraph newspaper, living in london but looking back at his childhood experiences in wales, a mixture of sad and wonderful times. This book has been comforting for me because i now live in london, for nearly 10 years now, and he brings the joy of my childhood back too, with a small tear in my eye.
It celebrates 50 years this year since its first publication. It has been translated into 12 languages. Im going to try and get my hands on an english copy to see if the book creates the same impact on me. Or please let me know if you have read it in any other language, i'd love to hear your comments....

Right, back to my studio now to make.
best wishes
buddug xxxxxxx


  1. Oh heck....will Jess be back for the work shop on Saturday....Brazils too far to travel to.....
    Love your plate and spoon xxx
    Lynn xx

  2. jess will be back on friday so hope there will be no delay! xxxxx

  3. lovely lovely spoonplate xxxxxxxxxx

  4. thanks lovely emma,i'm writing from my boyfriend computer, but i'ts buddug xxxx