Monday, 7 February 2011

just a little reminder for this saturday....

me and jess are busy preparing for this saturday's tea party, if your free please pop along because it would be nice to have a chat with our best customers and there's a chance that you can win in our raffle....

i'd like to share with our followers, ano
ther duo of makers, that we love, a company called james plumb, you might know there wears,
they styled the shop 'Hostem', on Red Church Street. They use old
objects and make furniture etc, similar concepts to jess and i, but there result are different. Hannah Plumb (1 half of james plumb) has been in our shop, when we were upstairs at 148 columbia rd, but havent seen them in a while, so hope they are very busy....

would like to share there website which is
all for now


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