Monday, 29 November 2010


December 01 2010


where Columbia Road, Columbia Road, E2
Location Map

when 5pm-9pm

how much Depends on what you buy us



Christmas Wednesdays

Spare us the earache with all that ”Ooh, hasn’t this year gone quickly” nonsense and accept it: Christmas is a-comin’. Yes, you’ve only done a tenth of what you said you’d do in 2010 and are now faced with the hideous prospect of spending what’s left of your dough, after bailing out my Irish brethren, on presents for people where the only flimsy connection is that of y'all being birthed from the same handful of wombs. Columbia Road’s annual late-night Wednesday openings should soften the blow somewhat; for me they positively transform the occasion with bagfuls of Dickensian charm and seasonal joviality alongside a selection of gift ideas that, helpfully, often appear to be far more expensive than they actually were. There’ll be food, festivities and all manner of fun to be had right up until the week before the big day. Get on it. /

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